Innovative Solutions for Refugees

June 14, 2016

On June 14, 2016, social entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders around migration gathered to share new tools and approaches in order to catalyze a multi-stakeholder, action-focused community.

Social Entrepreneurs that presented included Nathanaël Molle (Singa/Waya, France), Mary Nally (Failte Isteach/Welcome In, Ireland), Tarech Alsaleh (Capoeira 4 Refugees, Germany/Syria), Dave Levin (Refugee Openware, Turkey), Penny Travlou (Options Food Lab, Greece), Mohsin Mohu Ud Din (#MeWeSyria, USA), and Anne Kjaer Riechert (ReDI School of Digital Integration, Germany).

Solutions for Turkey included: Talin Kdikian (Dubarah), Phil Dexter Weidmann (Kiron Open Higher Education), Celal Karadogan (Genç Engelliler Spor Kulübü [Ashoka Fellow]), Nebahat Akkoç (KAMER[Ashoka Fellow]), and Ercan Tutal (AYDER [Ashoka Fellow]).

The conference was supported by Vehbi Koç Vakfi, the BMW Foundation, Herbert Quandt, the US State Department (US Mission to Turkey) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Network partners included Building Markets, Endeavor, Carma, MiReKok and FOT.

Event brochure: Innovative Solutions for Refugees.