The Hello Festival in Lisbon.


On July 2, in partnership with the High Commissioner for Migration (www.acm.pt) and SPEAK, we celebrated our Hello Festival in Lisbon, Portugal! The event presented effective citizen sector solutions from Portugal and Europe, and worked on scaling plans to spread them throughout Portugal. Attendees included key stakeholders from sectors such as foundations, companies, the social sector, government and social entrepreneurs.

Initiatives present included Welcoming International, founded by Ashoka Fellow David Lubell, which helps local communities become intentionally welcoming through a number of concrete steps that gather and articulate all key stakeholders. Already, Welcoming International has spread to over 10 countries, and is now helping municipalities across Europe. Another solution,Speak, born and based in Portugal, uses language classes to create friendships and connect people in cities presented scaling ideas to continue their spread across Portugal and Europe.

In addition to presentations from the social innovators, there were workshops on systems change and scaling, interviews and initiatives led by migrant leaders, as well as intentional networking spaces to connect participants from different sectors (foundations, corporations, social sector, government, etc.). For more information, please go to https://helloportugalfestival.eventbrite.com/ or reach out to Silvia Pau (spau@ashoka.org).