Hello Europe!

Ashoka's migration and integration accelerator.

We believe that massive problems need massive solutions.

The citizen sector has shown great capacity in solving issues around migration and integration, but they are not growing, expanding, connecting and replicating fast enough to deal with the size of the problems emerging.

So we created Hello Europe!

An initiative to find and connect proven and impactful solutions with key stakeholders at national and European levels in order to replicate and accelerate their growth. This way the best local and global solutions can quickly reach the people most affected.

Accelerators launched 

Germany – Austria – Turkey – The Netherlands

Next locations 

Belgium – Spain – Portugal – Italy – Greece Sweden

The European Migration Summit
Brussels – 2018

Bringing together citizen sector solutions with policy experts at an EU level in order to create new mechanisms and infrastructures to enable citizen sector solutions to reach people on the move more effectively.

Phase 1

Phase 1

Search, Source and Prepare: Ashoka selects innovative solutions at a local and international level. Solution leaders are invited into acceleration process with partners from consulting firms and other experts.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Present and Match: Global-local partnerships are created to scale solutions. These are presented at the The Hello Festival – an Innovation in Integration conference – where hundreds of key decision makers from different sectors gather to connect with the innovative solutions.

Phase 3

Phase 3

Accelerate and Scale: Acceleration process kicks off for partners, including start-up capital from the Integration Innovation Fund, and support through consortium of partners. The partners join the community of “hellopreneurs” across Europe who are scaling initiatives.


Ubuntu Academy

April 22, 2018 Portugal
Rui Marques  (Portugal) http://www.pontesubuntu.org/ BUILDING MIGRANT...

Mitt Liv (My Life)

April 22, 2018 Sweden
Sofia Appelgren (Sweden) http://www.mittliv.com/ MUTUAL MENTORSHIP FOR...


April 22, 2018 Belgium
Geertrui Seneels (Belgium) http://www.solentra.be/ COMMUNITY-BASED MENTAL...

Our Impact






People Involved



Quotes from partners

Kenny Clewett

Director Hello Europe

Rainer Höll

Senior Lead Hello Europe

Elena Arène

Leader Hello Belgium

Emma Lindgren

Leader Hello Sweden

Simón Menéndez Sadornil

Leader Hello Spain

Alessandro Valera

Leader Hello Italy



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