reThink refugees

March 27-28, 2017

On March 27 and 28, 2017, reThink refugees took place in The Hague, the Dutch city of peace and justice. Leading social innovators came together with those who care and contribute to the refugee topic, i.e. civil society initiatives, (i)NGOs, academics, social innovators, businesses, thought leaders, and public sector representatives, to bring solutions for the integration and empowerment of refugees and host societies to the Netherlands.

The 2 day program was inspiring as well as hands-on. Day 1 consisted of exchanging ideas and learning from each other, using Ashoka’s Globalizer format. Day 2 provided a space to co-create and put ideas into practice with the Open Space Technology format. This was followed by inspiring talks from Ashoka Fellows and thought leaders, sharing the most inspiring solutions and perspectives with a broader audience.

Social Entrepreneurs that presented included Sofia Appelgren (Mitt Liv, Sweden), Jérémy Lachal (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, France), Vincent Hejduk (MakeSense/Project Waynak, France), Abdoulaye Fall (Winkomun, Spain), Jered Feuer (Welcoming America), and Nathanaël Molle (Singa/Waya, France), in addition to other local social entrepreneurs.

Partners included PWC, Tilburg University, Den Haag, Impact City and EAWOP (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology). The event was also supported by UNHCR, IMO, TEDx Amsterdam, and the Impact Hub Amsterdam.

Summary document: ReThink Refugees Festival.