Violence Prevention Network

Judy Korn (Germany)



THE HUMAN IMPACT: Youth committing hate crimes-be they right-wing extremists or other ideological extremists-essentially share similar thought and behavioral patterns: most are personally troubled hangers-on who use ideological explanations as superficial reasons for their crimes. However, there are key moments of vulnerability in their lives when they are most likely to be open to change.

THE NUMBERS IMPACT: Violence Prevention Network operates across Germany and at an international level. They led the way in establishing a pan-European network for the prevention of extremism and de-radicalization at the European Commission level. In 2016, Violence Prevention Network had 68 staff, including 42 trainers, organized workshops, counseling, and training courses for thousands, and engaged with direct dialogue with hundreds of people who had been radicalized or were at risk. They advised 123 institutions on the topic of religiously motivated extremism and Violence Prevention Network models were implemented in Northern Ireland.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Violence Prevention Network offers dozens of projects across Germany and internationally-from advice centers to counselling to school projects and training, to one-on-one outreach, to online outreach to reach potential extremists. Working with young and violent right-wing extremists, Violence Prevention Network recognizes that hate crimes by this group and other extremists are increasing, but that the root causes remain unaddressed. Judy has created the first rehabilitation system that allows delinquents to break through the vicious cycle of personal frustration, fanaticism, violence, and recidivism. Through multifaceted training she works with the youngsters through their personal biography-in prison, in schools, and in a network of advice centers around Germany, and online-to dismantle the ideological justification of their crimes and leads them to take responsibility for what they have done. Additionally, her trainers enable the emotionally alienated to control their aggressions and take difficult first steps to build relationships; so they can create a supportive network of carefully selected friends or family members they can turn to.

WHO STARTED IT? A lifetime entrepreneur, Judy Korn grew up in Berlin. She is a graduate educationalist and Founder and Managing Director of Violence Prevention Network. Judy Korn was already politically involved during her school years, asking neo-Nazis about their behavior, and dealt with violence motivated by extremism and prejudice. After several years of working in the civil service, she quit her secure job and created Violence Prevention Network.

HOW HELLO EUROPE IS HELPING: Ashoka has been a support to Judy for years in Germany as a seal of quality and network of peers before extremism was seen as a real threat in Europe. Through Hello Europe, the Violence Prevention Network is exploring new partnerships with government, non-profits and others to continue spread her transformative model to prisons, neighborhoods and organizations in other countries across Europe.

WHAT THEY NEED NOW: Connections to high level political leaders in other European countries; EU policy leaders and charitable funders in new countries.

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