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Sascha Haselmayer (Global)



HUMAN IMPACT: Solutions exist which can help refugees and migrants have better lives in cities. However, these are often small projects and other cities with similar challenges are unable to locate and spread them. Citymart brings these ideas – proven in other cities – to new ones without risk and improve quality of life of city dwellers.

NUMBERS: Citymart has a broad reach throughout Germany, USA, Spain, France, Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa, and 19 others. The method has helped more than 50 cities around the world from San Francisco to London and Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro find proven solutions.

HOW DOES IT WORK? With Citymart, Sascha Haselmayer transforms the way cities solve problems, connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens. Citymart partners with cities to rethink their spending habits so they focus on what problems they need to solve instead of what things they want to buy. Cities will spend money in better ways, create new opportunities for local businesses, and find the best solutions to local problems. The method is sustainable since it puts the readily available resources to better use, promoting innovation and creating much higher levels of engagement among citizens who can for the first time understand and participate in how their government is solving problems for the benefit of all.

WHO LEADS IT? Sascha Haselmayer is a global citizen. He studied architecture in the U.K. because he thought it had the potential to change the world. He wanted to “have an impact on the way cities work,” and quickly realized that architecture in its traditional form was ill equipped to make lasting change. Sascha began to think about creating his “own discipline-architecture without the buildings,” managing to complete architecture school without actually designing a single building. Sascha had a particular early focus on extreme urban conflict situations such as Soweto, Caracas, and West Belfast, and he saw the issues of the citizens tied up with governance and lack of solutions, and from these insights eventually grew Citymart.

HOW HELLO EUROPE IS HELPING: The Ashoka network is connecting CityMart with city governments and other partners in Europe to utilize the tools and methods to implement the many solutions created by entrepreneurs, businesses, and citizens that can help solve their problems faster and more effectively.

WHAT THEY NEED NOW: Support and introductions to city governments and partners that may help them adapt our methods and work with new cities to focus on solutions which could help support growing refugee and migrant populations.