In 2016, “Ideegration” was set-up as a national acceleration platform featuring the most impactful integration-solutions of social entrepreneurs in Austria. We have crowdsourced 104 solutions, have selected 10 of them and accompanied them with capacity building. We also built a strong community around them: More than 150 changemakers from public sector, large NGOs and companies (pro bono value mobilised in total: 150.000€) have participated and supported the work of these initiatives. Currently we are working with a civil society group to develop a long-term accelerator model that helps strengthen the community’s work.

Participating global solutions included: Singa, Upwardly Global, and Welcoming America, Schlau Schule, Ipso e-Care, Young in Prison International, and Allmenda. Local solutions included: Kattunfabrik, Dageko, Conclusion, Women without Borders, Plattform Rechtsberatung, Prosa/[Home], More Than One Perspective, Ziag, Interpaid, New Here, and Help2Day.

Partners: The initiative was created in partnership between Accenture, Ashoka and the Red Cross Austria. Other partners included ERSTE Stiftung, Hil Foundation, UNHCR, and Sinnstifter. It was supported by People Share and Zalando and T Mobile.

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