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On April 14, 2019 in Turin 15 entrepreneurs working in the migration sector, both italian and non-Italians, were presented by Ashoka, a network of global social entrepreneurs, as part of the ‘Hello Europe’ Program. […] A new reality that maybe people shouting “Italians first” won’t like, but a reality made of models of positive integration that is making its way, to challenge the propaganda. See the Huffington Post’s full story here, https://www.huffingtonpost.it/2019/04/13/non-solo-riace-in-italia-sono-tanti-i-modelli-di-integrazione-ieri-evento-a-torino-con-15-imprenditori-sociali_a_23710946/?ncid=other_homepage_tiwdkz83gze&utm_campaign=mw_entry_recirc


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    Solving social problems is difficult, and it can often be overwhelming, especially when these problems affect so many systems. The only way to continue advancing towards sustainable solutions is to work together, and to involve all key stakeholders in the conversation. In fact, developing these collaborative models between social entrepreneurs, policy makers and other key stakeholders is a systems change in itself, aiming to unlock a world where Everyone is a Changemaker, contributing actively to solve our most pressing problems.

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