Hello Nordics Launch!

Major push for inclusion in the Nordics – ten social entrepreneurs to scale proven solutions across borders with support from a network of partners

Ashoka, the world’s leading organisation for social entrepreneurship and changemaking, has chosen ten social entrepreneurs to establish a big inclusion effort across the Nordic region –called “Hello Nordics”. Each entrepreneur brings their own unique approach to fostering integration and inclusion, and their common goal is to scale their solutions to improve both social and financial inclusion of marginalized people in the Nordic region. Hello Nordics is a four month accelerator program offering support from a network of private companies to facilitate the acceleration of their efforts.

The ten entrepreneurs – two each from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and two international -have all been carefully selected because of their ability to address root causes in a systemic way, by involving policy makers, lawmakers, communities and target groups. The participants are Catalysts (NO), Sisters in Business (NO), Foreningen Nydansker (DK), GAME (DK), Startup Refugees (FI), Icehearts (FI), Mitt Liv (SE), Idrott Utan Gränser (SE), Welcoming International (USA/Germany) and ACAF/Winkomun (Spain). (Learn more about each company here).

Ashoka’s ambition is to create positive systemic change in society. We know that these ten entrepreneurs can create a more inclusive Nordic region by bringing their concrete and proven solutions to scale.

Maja Frankel, head of Ashoka in the Nordics

Hello Nordics is part of larger European integration effort and offers the entrepreneurs a four month accelerator program with the aim to significantly scale up their activities, primarily by entering one or several new Nordic countries. The initiative has been taken to the Nordic region in partnership with Nordea, and with the support of Acando, Oliver Wyman and Vinge that as part of the program will support the entrepreneurs when it comes to challenges relating to e.g. funding, strategy, operations and legal questions. The entrepreneurs will also gain access to these company’s network of clients, partners etc.

Our customers, employees and communities are urgently calling for Nordic corporations to take the lead in modelling behaviours that contribute to society and leverage their scale for a greater good. Being the biggest bank in the region we want to actively contribute towards the wellbeing of society at large.

Casper von Koskull, Nordea Group CEO

Read more about the initiative, the social entrepreneurs and the partners.


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